Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fashion: A Tisket, A Tasket...

I am a basket lover. It is my one "country decor" weakness. But they aren't just pretty! They are functional too! All the baskets displayed in my home are my own creations (except for one beautiful small basket given as a housewarming gift by a wonderful friend; it now houses our candy!). I learned to weave through participation in 4-H, and always did well (could that be because there were always less than five other baskets entered against me? Hmmm...). Basket weaving is pretty time consuming and detail-intensive, and the classes and supplies can also get to be quite expensive, but the end product is just so lovely. I know that my baskets will last many, many years.

If weaving for yourself isn't of interest, there are many merchants that offer quality baskets in every conceivable shape and size. Here are just a few.Round linen basket.Tralee cart.And my old favorite, the expensive (but worth the investment) Longaberger. Medium market basket.

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