Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not Dead, Cont.

So, allow me to reiterate: I am not dead.

Husband and I took last week off to go on vacation (our first in three years, since our honeymoon!). Nine glorious days all to ourselves. I didn't tell you this because I didn't think it wise to post "Hey, having a great time four hundred miles away. Just a reminder that my house is sitting empty. Truck is in the driveway. Keys are in the top kitchen drawer. Xbox is under the TV and expensive china is in the left-hand cabinet. Help yourself."

It makes me chuckle when friends Twitter their exact whereabouts. Just goes to show that my friends are simply not as paranoid as I am. To me, it just seems like an open invitation for breaking and entering, but I commend your faith in humanity.

Anyway. I digress. I am not dead. We ended up spending the first half of our vacation in Traverse City, Michigan, at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.The hotel was lovely (picture is of the hotel tower) and way too posh for the likes of us. It had a small shopping area on the main floor, several restaurants/bars located throughout, indoor and outdoor pools/hot tubs on the premises, and even offered free shuttle rides at the guest's request to a nearby casino and private, hotel-owned beach on Lake Michigan. We contemplated a paddle boat ride, got our feet all sandy, and waded into the Lake to our waists, then decided we'd had enough and went to the casino to win big (does $60 count as "winning big"?). But by far, the best thing about the hotel was the size of its salt shakers.Husband was suitably impressed. You would never need to refill those things. Jeepers!During our stay the National Cherry Festival was being held downtown, but we avoided the carnival and opted to investigate the cute shops instead. And we found a hat store.What more does one need in life?We ended that portion of our vacation with a wonderful meal at Aerie, a restaurant on the sixteenth floor of the hotel (see the Daily Eye Candy light from this place that I posted yesterday!). The view from this vantage point was striking - I got both the outdoor hotel pool and Lake Michigan in the same shot! After spa treatments and eating and frolicking and more eating, we took our leave of Grand Traverse and ventured off to Holland, Michigan, where we had honeymooned three years ago. While I would no longer recommend the hotel in which we spent the night, I would really recommend you visit downtown Holland. We landed there on a Thursday evening, which just happens to be the night of the week during the entire summer that street entertainers venture out and set up shop along the sidewalk as you browse the stores and cafes. We had dinner at our favorite New Holland Brewing Company (the pizza is life-changing, you must try it someday). And of course Husband reunited with his old friend Ben.(FROM JULY 2007)(CURRENT DAY) Their relationship has obviously evolved as Husband now feels comfortable enough to ride the Franklin Lap of Pleasure.

Our last night of vacation found us in Merrillville, Indiana. I know, I know, you're asking what the heck is in Merrillville, right? WEIRD AL, THAT'S WHAT.
He put on an exceptionally terrific show, and we learned that Husband and I might just be the most NORMAL "Weird" fans that exist.The band and Weird Al, center stage.Amish paradise, baby!This might have been my favorite part. I appreciate the trouble he went to to put on the fat suit during the show!Al might also be Jesus.Husband and I didn't get the chance to meet Al, but Husband did get a picture with his drummer, Bermuda. It's the next best thing!If you would be so kind as to ignore the width of my hips, I would be most appreciative. I need to take posing lessons so I don't look like I'm wearing Al's fat suit. Aside from that, it was a great, much-needed vacation, and I am so happy I got to spend every moment of it with my best friend.*

*You have been forewarned: Our third wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Obligatory, sappy, reminiscent post will follow.


PX'sRoger said...

yay! i'm so glad you guys got a vacation and I freaking LOVE weird al; i too appreciated all teh time he took to do the different costumes, though i must confess when i saw him, and he was in a dr's scrubs and crawling around like madonna, i was a little put off (only a little, it doesn't deter my secret man crush). and happy anniversary! can't believe it was 3 years ago....wow

KittyMarie said...

Thankee, sir! He didn't do Dr.'s scrubs at this one, but he did do a slinky "I wanna be your lover, baby" dance, but it was funny:)

And thanks for the anniversary wishes, Impending Daddy!!! :)

Belisarius said...

I like how bashful Benny seems to be in our most recent picture.

blind irish pirate said...

I told the husband about your adventures with Weird Al, and he was supremely jealous.

Thanks for the information on where you keep your truck keys.