Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fashion: One for One

Tom's has expanded from shoes to eyewear. They maintain their slogan, "One for One," and for each pair of glasses purchased, Toms will provide either medical treatment or prescription eyeglasses or sight-saving surgery for someone in need.

I've heard cynics complaining about Toms customers, asking, "Why don't they just donate money directly to the cause? Damn hippies/yuppies/[insert pejorative term here]." I disagree. I think Toms is doing wonderful work. If you need a new pair of shoes or want a pair of sunglasses and are going to buy a pair one way or the other, why not purchase from Toms and help others out while you're at it? My life is all about multitasking, and I appreciate companies that feel the same.

Numerous color options are available in three distinctive, classic styles:

Classic 101: Or, as I would call them, the "Tom Cruise in Risky Business Sunglasses"
Classic 201: Or, as I would call them, the "Audrey Hepburn in anything Sunglasses (sorry, Tom, this look isn't for you, apparently)"
Classic 301: Or, as I would call them, the "Tom Cruise in Top Gun Sunglasses"

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blind irish pirate said...

I agree... if I need new clothes or new whatever, I am going to try and find it locally made, handmade, fair trade, whatever made before I seek it out at any of the big major companies, simply because it's, yes, multitasking, but also a way of walking what you talk. You don't like X? Then find an alternative. And Toms is great that way. I really want a pair of the 301s, but they are expensive and I am very hard on sunglasses. The aviators that I currently have are the ones that I have had the longest my entire life, which is only a year.

Which, I should say, your blog was what inspired me to buy them anyway.