Friday, January 27, 2012

I spy with my little eye

While running an errand over lunch today, as I sat at a stoplight, gazing out my windows at the frosty faces of passersby, who did I spy on a certain street corner but BlindIrishPirate! She was running (she refers to it as "scuttling," which tickles me), wearing several layers and a colorful hat that I envy. She didn't see me, and I didn't want to honk and ruin her concentration (it was frosty, I tell you!). I have enjoyed her recent posts on her running adventures, and I cheer her on from this side of the screen. You go, woman.


blind irish pirate said...

HAH. Thanks for not honking. It would have been terrible if I flipped you off, which is my visceral reaction... unfortunately. Too bad I do that, though. It's high time to catch up.

KittyMarie said...

HAHA - keep your finger to yourself - you never know who might be watching ;-)