Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Eye Candy: Sweet and Cheap

I am in love with these unique and inexpensive stencils from Stencil1. Cheaper than wallpaper, you can create interesting patterns, or just stencil one to your wall for a focal point - wonderful!

Birds on Wires, $12.99. I would love this for my own bedroom!
Moroccan Petal, $12.99. This would be wonderful in a bright kitchen or breakfast nook!
Typewriter, $10.99. Can you imagine this one adorning the walls of an office? Too cute!


Katie said...

I'm not sure how you always find such interesting sites, but you share such cute things. You have great taste.

Katie said...

Also, I meant to compliment your sweet and cheap series. Nice work.

KittyMarie said...

Thank you! The Sweet and Cheap series was my friend's challenge to me, since I was posting some really expensive items lately, haha! I will have to reveal my super secret location of all these interesting finds soon!