Friday, October 26, 2012

The Prodigal Daughter...

...returns. After an unintentional hiatus, I'm back.

Although I've continued to write posts in my head almost daily, I've had too much work to actually sign in and type those posts out.

(First World Problem: Darn all that work, almost more work than I can handle, for which I am generously compensated, which pays for my clean water, mounds of food, and warm, beautiful house. GAH.)

But with the changing of the seasons, I always find myself re-evaluating, re-envisioning, trying to check items off my mental to-do list and prepare for Whatever Comes Next.

I've missed posting. I've missed you. I hope you feel the same, because I think we should have a kick-ass party.


blind irish pirate said...

You can have my goat. I'll slaughter it for you. I will say, "This is my friend, whom I have missed!" And people will say, "Yes, and I will read her stuff again!"

Katie Howard said...

I missed you!