Friday, October 26, 2012

The wedding where I almost flashed everyone...

In early September, my dear friend Emmy Jo got hitched.

She was perfectly organized when I arrived to help her set up the reception site. She had even labeled her totes with warnings like "heavy." She had made many of the decorations herself, being the extremely talented crafter that she is. It was all lovely, the setup went smoothly, and aside from some torrential rain, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were wonderful.

 The next morning we met bright and early to get our hair did and our faces painted.

 And we dressed and took pictures and then got her married off.

After more pictures in the soft afternoon sunlight, we arrived at the reception site. We ate a delicious meal, the happy new couple cut their cake and tossed bouquets and located garters. I gave my matron of honor speech and cried at the end, because I love her and am a huge sap.

I believe it was around this time that the trouble started. I was up crossing the large room filled with the bride and groom's friends and loved ones when, suddenly, I felt a strange draft. The airflow on my derriere had inexplicably increased, and I reached down and realized that the intentional slit in the back of my dress had unintentionally gotten more...slitty. It was about to reveal my own personal slit (what? too graphic? you've got one, too, you know!). I rushed over to my husband and friends, blessedly located in a dark corner, and planted my rapidly exposing bottom on a chair.

Luckily, my matron of honor duties were complete, and though it was earlier than I wanted, we decided to shimmy out the door as quickly and as covered as possible (thank goodness for cold-blooded friends with sweaters). After passing off Bridal Bathroom Duties to a fellow bridesmaid, I broke the news to Emmy Jo and gave her a big hug. Thankfully, she wasn't upset, instead laughing at my predicament. Hard. I didn't mind -- I was glad she could find humor in the situation, especially since I felt so bad to sneak out early, albeit before I shared the assorted junk in my trunk with the people she loves most. 

I consider this further proof of what a good friend she is, and I am so happy that her wedding was beautiful and filled with laughter (of all kinds).
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. You are loved.

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