Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gullibility, thy name is KittyMarie

I am an incredibly gullible person. This is the main reason why I should never venture out of bed on April Fool's Day.

In addition, I am always the last person to hear news. It doesn't matter what the topic is, if you know some hot new tidbit (or even something lukewarm, for that matter), you can be sure that I haven't heard it yet. As an example of both my gullibility and tardy news-gathering, I was taken in by an April Fool's Day joke posted on Facebook last April and believed it was God's honest truth until July when I was corrected by a group of people thirty years older than me.

Husband also frequently takes advantage of my gullibility for his own amusement. I will believe almost anything he says (shouldn't I know better by now?). I think sometimes he's just testing me. I'm sure he is aware of how much I trust him, because he could be having a hot, sweaty affair in the next room with some woman (or man?) of questionable moral fiber and could lie through his teeth to my face, and I would totally buy whatever he was selling.

I once thought that I would like to work for a newspaper - be the first person on the scene, get the inside scoop, report everything I had heard to the anxious public. I have decided that this would not be the best career choice for me until I become a lot more nosy and suspicious.

Happy (belated, because I meant to write this yesterday) April Fool's Day!

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