Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Font Are You?

What font are you? Take this short quiz to find out. I absolutely love fonts. While freelance designing, I get all of my inspiration by taking the text and playing around with different fonts until I find the right ones for the piece.

However, I'm disappointed. This quiz says I'm Times New Roman: "Dude. You have three names. You're blue blood, old money, landed gentry, confident, assured; perhaps a tad old fashioned but you don't let that bother you. Let the kids go crazy with their new fads — you prefer style that's going to last. You secretly fear you need to get out more, and you're probably right."

I would probably look good on financial statements and TPS Reports.

How boring.


Ravinok said...


You are Comic Sans

Are you humoursly whimsical or just whimsical? Sometimes it's hard to tell. You're folksy and engaging, but also kinda dorky. But the neat thing? You don't care! Go on with your bad self, CS. You're the clueless, overly-enthusiastic mom of fonts.

Katherine said...

Wouldn't it be correct to say you're the DAD of fonts now?

Kyle said...

Heh, I was Comic Sans as well :)