Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slacker 2.0

This weekend didn't result in the drumming up of any interesting stories for your reading pleasure or of any pictures of the renovations, which I actually meant to take last week. I didn't do any of my work-related editing that I had planned and prepared to complete from home. I didn't go to church on Easter Sunday. I didn't even buy my Husband a bloody Easter card! In fact, I didn't do one iota of useful work this weekend. I felt glorious. And guilt-ridden.

Instead, I shopped (my first real shopping excursion in months) with a few lovely ladies, watched a movie with Husband (House Bunny...*Oliver*), and visited with my parents and the in-laws while stuffing my face with chocolate and mashed potatoes and rolls...nom nom nom.

The coming weekend probably won't be any more productive, renovation-wise. I have to attend a church fish fry Friday night, make a big batch of sugar cookies for a bachelorette party Saturday, and attend a bridal shower Sunday. I was supposed to take the afternoon off of work this Friday, because my dad was going to have surgery, but that has now been postponed. So, instead, I will continue to eat my weight in sugar and fried food and take bets on whether or not I will fit into my bridesmaid dress on April 25. Judging from the size of my ass at this current moment, odds don't seem to be in my favor...

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