Friday, April 10, 2009


This week has felt jam-packed and a little overwhelming, if only because I've been constantly starting at my April calendar that has every single day spoken for, and is currently bleeding into May.

So, I haven't posted the pictures that I never had the chance to take of our second floor bathroom renovation which is, for all intents and purposes, COMPLETE! The lights are hooked up, the paint is finished, the floor is laid, and the vanity is installed and capped off with a vanity top, faucet, and hardware. We also finalized our carpeting order this week (plush, environmentally-friendly, in the color "Mushroom," how fun!), and Husband is hoping to pick up the hardwood flooring tomorrow (thanks for the extra set of rippling muscles, Diosthocles!). Husband and I also got all purdied up this week when he got his front chipped tooth fixed (watch out for those forks!) and I got my first [professional] haircut and high-light in months.

So, Husband is no longer broken, and I am no longer dingy blonde and split-endy. This means we are now presentable for the two weddings in two months that we are participating in, possibly with another wedding thrown into the middle, which we will attend as guests, just for fun. It seems everyone is either getting married or having a baby (A belated blog congratulations to our carpool buddy and his lovely wife. Welcome, Claire!).

So, there you have it. An introduction and three paragraphs that begin with the word "So." But no pictures or any information about my life that you actually cared to read. Bummer you made it this far in the post. I feel terrible; I have to give you some kind of reward for reading this entire thing. SO, here's some eye candy:
I love this dress. I covet this dress. I just might make a shrine in front of which I will worship this dress. But can I justify spending $58 on a sunshine sundress when I really don't even look good in yellow and where would I wear it but oh did you see the lace trim and chest ruffles and tie bow in the back? *Faints with a clunk.*

*Lifts head. Opens one eye.* Anyone want to contribute to the KittyMarie Needs A New Yellow Sundress Fund? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, nevermind. *Clunk.*

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Blind, Irish Pirate said...

I'll mentally donate $18, so that you only have to pay $40. And I always thought blondes looked good in yellow? Not ever having been one, I can only assume.