Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fashion: The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

All of a sudden, it's fall. A cold, windy fall. Just last week I was still wearing my silver glitter flip flops, and today I had to pull out my black pea coat. In a word: BRRRR.

I'm not even ready to put out bright orange pumpkins and bumpy gourds, let alone start worrying about snow. But, apparently, the seasonal weather says "Ready or not, here I come!" Therefore, this Friday Fashion post is dedicated to beautiful coats and jackets. If I am to be forced to lose feeling in my nose and wish I'd worn some thermal underwear, at least I can look darn good while freezing off my pah-tootie. Enjoy. (And make me some cocoa!)

Stadium-Cloth Winnie Jacket by J. Crew, $245.
I mostly love this cropped jacket because of the button closure. So unique! Of course, I could never wear this beautiful, bright color. Blonds don't look good in yellow. It's something I've had to come to terms with. I know you're wondering how I could possibly bear such torture. I guess I'm just that strong of a person.

City Style Military Jacket by New York & Company, $59.95. This might be my favorite (and priced pretty well!). I would feel just a little bit dominatrix in this. A whip or large rifle could complement the jacket nicely. You might have to start calling me "The Chairman..."

Pink Tartan Ruffled Down Puffy Coat by Bloomingdales, $695. Seriously? Ruffles?! This is such a breakthrough in the science of puffy jackets. By this time next year we'll be getting to work via jet-propelled backpacks and eating all our meals in pill form.

Michael Kors Women's Wool Babydoll coat on, $114.99.
I have this thing where I want to look adorable all the time. It helps me hide the fact that I have no marketable skills or desirable talents. I think this coat could really help my cause, because it is CUH-YUTE! I think I would have to go red on this one, but the ivory is just divine!

Aeryn Double Breasted Trench Coat from DKNY, $295. Sometimes, you just can't beat a classic, double breasted trench. For the record, if I ever went out in public in one of these, I would not have any clothes on underneath. Not a stitch. I'll just go ahead and leave you with that glorious mental image for this weekend.


blind irish pirate said...

You've inspired me to post my own Friday Fashion. I'll admit though, my vintage hippy vest with layers of fleece jackets and thermal underwear seems to be getting me by for now.

KittyMarie said...

Sweet! I would love to see Friday Fashions from you! You've got your own distinct style, which I think of as hippie chic, and I mean that in the best possible way. You're too cool! I was just thinking about your wedding this morning (we've got one tomorrow, so I've got weddings on the brain) and was remembering how earth mother beautiful you looked!

I think I'm going to ask for thermal underwear for Christmas...