Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fashion: Food for the body (and soul)

This might be a teensy weensy Friday Fashion cop-out. But I hope you won't be disappointed. I've been simply swamped at work, and am slowly digging myself out of a hole. So, this Friday Fashion will be a little kitchen-centric. My very own kitchen, actually. And it will only feature one piece of fashion: countertops. Oh, yeah, baby.

Husband took the day off work Wednesday so he could meet our countertop installers. You read that right. We officially have kitchen countertops! Plus, 75% of our kitchen appliances actually work! It's a dadgum Christmas October...

Please revel in the cold, flat, solid surface with me, won't you?

These countertops are an enigma. In the store they looked greenish. In the brochure they looked grayish. In person they look blueish. I think they are amorphous enough to go with any wall color, changing hue themselves (the actual color is "Sonoma" guess they're West Coast inspired?). They look very much like quartz, with medium-sized, multicolored (but in the same color family) chips embedded everywhere. They are a matte finish (*cough* cheaper *cough), but the lights shine on them so nicely that I fear a polished finish would have been blinding. I really can't be bothered to put on sunglasses in my own kitchen at 6:30 in the morning.

The installation company gave us two extra square foot pieces to use as cutting boards and hot pads. Now that was nice, wasn't it? Though I'm quite sure we paid for them, one way or another... The countertops are heat and dent "resistent," but we're not supposed to believe they will necessarily stand up to the fiery bottom of a pan just removed from the stove or the slash of a knife when I get mad and stabby. But, because they are a wonderful invention of modern man, they can be resurfaced, good as new, at any point. Anything that will be able to survive my daily habitation and deeply ingrained klutziness is excellent. Ooh-rah.

Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a breakfast bar! There used to be a wall right here. Do you remember? It was bad. This is my favorite part of the entire house, because it made such an impact. The first thing I thought when I saw the bar was how many pie crusts I would be able to roll out on that lovely, gigantic surface. Sorry, my dear feminist readers. I have to come to terms with the fact that I am Betty Crocker incarnate.

There will be a sink faucet here soon, I promise. It's a beautiful, stainless steel, matchy-matchy faucet. Just go ahead and use your imagination. The countertops flow right into the sink, so no crumbs will ever get caught in this puppy.

Next on our list for the kitchen (aside from finish details) is a backsplash. Husband and I are ennamored with glass tile, so we might be headed that route sometime soon. The backsplash isn't an expense we built into the budget or timeline, and it certianly won't keep us from living in the house, but when it is installed, it will go a long way to continuing to make this house really feel like a home.

I suggest you all go out and buy a whisk and some vanilla extract immediately. Happy weekend.


Matty said...

you get more fun with each post. mad and stabby FTW :-)

blind irish pirate said...

Next Friday Fashion? What kind of sunglasses you WOULD wear if you HAD to wear them at 6:30 am.

Katherine said...

Thanks, Matty. I try. Really, really hard.


BLINDIRISH I love your thought process! You're a genius. But my next question would have to be, what sunglasses would YOU wear if you wore them at NIGHT?