Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fashion: Hardware

I'm still not totally out of my husband-less funk, as my hormones took a nosedive into my tear-soaked pillow this week, but things are starting to look up. Husband comes home tomorrow morning! I couldn't be happier! To quote a cliche, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Though, in my particular case, distance made the heart grow frantically delirious with a side of suicidal thoughts and a need for intensive counseling and anti-psychotic medication.

But you're not here to listen (read?) to me talking about my problems, right? You're here to see beautiful things, butterfly wings, fairy tale kings. Thanks, Bobby Darin.

So our custom-made vanities are officially in! And they are GORGEOUS! And I didn't take any pictures of them yet to post on here, so that information is really quite meaningless to you, dear reader. But they did help to inspire this Friday Fashion. One of my favorite parts of the vanities is the hardware we picked out - simple, sleek, silver. I'm seriously contemplating getting 8,000 more pieces of the same hardware for our kitchen cabinets, which are still naked and handle-less. But it's a big world and there's a lotta hardware out there, kid. The following tickle my fancy, too:For those of us who have difficulty remembering where we left our silverware. I love the Gaelic-looking font. From Notting Hill.

I love baskets (but only those made by yours truly or Longaberger, not starving, overworked, underpaid children in Taiwan. I'm a humanitarian, you know.). I apparently also love metal woven to look like basket weave. So simple and pretty. Though a single piece costs $14.99. I could maybe outfit one cabinet per year. Are you cheap? Did you buy inexpensive cabinetry that looks lovely but is probably actually made out of sand and Elmer's glue? Feel expensive and chic by outfitting your cabinets with marble knobs. Oh, yes. I said marble. By Cal Crystal.

These SoHo Cabinet Knobs are something I would realistically buy for my house. Very simple, very sleek, very silver. And not terribly expensive - $58.99 for 25 pieces!

These Tanglewood Knobs might be a tad rustic for my own home, but I love the look. They belong in a charming, shabby chic cottage! $11.89 per piece.If I could afford these (and if my dishwasher could afford the opening space, which is another issue entirely), I would outfit every door and drawer with these long handles. They are $20.36 each. Yikes. But oh so lovely.

I couldn't leave you this Friday without including something positively weird. I don't know anyone who loves asparagus so much that they would want tiny replicas as cabinet pulls. But someone must, because here they are, from Modern Objects. I hope this made you laugh out loud. I did.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'alls.

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