Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Holidays

I have ignored, nay, shunned, my blog for several weeks now, having just returned to work after eleven straight days of sitting on my backside watching "Intervention" (as the 2009 holidays were devoted the marathon sessions of "Murder, She Wrote," so may 2010 be remembered as the year "Intervention" reminded me why meth is never a good idea).

But I'm back, and shall chronicle our holiday in pictures with as few words as possible. Because I'm bitter I didn't have time to finish the seventh season.This was our 2010 Christmas tree. For the first time in our new house, we could install our tree in the living room, like real people! Last year, because Husband's office had yet to be completed, the tree adorned our upstairs guest bedroom. Which was weird.We spent Christmas Eve with my parents, their first Christmas in their new home. My big gift to them was re-framing an intricate pencil drawing that my father's niece had created for them depicting the old farmhouse. She's an architect, so the drawing was really an excellent representation of the building. It had fallen off the wall at the old house a long time ago, which broke the glass, and my parents never got around to getting it fixed. They stored it in their new basement until I broke in one afternoon when their place was empty and stole the thing. I thought I was being crafty, but they never noticed it was gone. This is perhaps a testament to the basement's current organizational theme.I get two stockings because I am an only child and therefore a speshul preshus and perfect being.Husband gets a stocking that seems to imply his real name is "Seasons Greetings." It has a nice ring to it, no? Perhaps I will begin using that title on a regular basis. "Oh, dear Seasons Greetings! Would you take out the garbage, please?" Yes, yes, that will work nicely. (To be fair, I don't get a special stocking at my in-laws either. This year, as Husband was "Seasons Greetings," I was "Orange Ninja Turtle.")This might be my favorite gift. Yes, those are adult-sized footie pajamas. They would only be more awesome if they included a hood and some kind of mitten attachment. For next year, I'm thinking of asking for a nice pin-striped set that would be office-appropriate.This surely was Husband's favorite gift, to him from my father. But it's the gift tag that really makes the thing special... Oh, my darling, drunk Seasons Greetings.

We spent Christmas day with Husband's family, after a treacherous journey, having gotten stuck in our own driveway in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, we were driving next door. Don't judge.
As has become tradition, we participated with a few of our dearest friends (see above: the newly engaged) in the Annual Reading of the Children's Christmas Letters. We are awful, terrible people. And you know what? It never gets old.You would never guess that we are naughty, naughty girls, eh?
And we rounded out or 2010 holiday season by spending New Year's Eve with three of the best people ever, trying to keep our eyes open until midnight and suffer through Ke$ha performances. No, Ryan Seacrest, your New Year's Eve Show was far from Rockin'. We made it until the ball dropped (this is a testament to the couple above on the right, who had a new, second baby six weeks ago. Meanwhile, the only sleep deprivation I've experienced recently was trying to fit in just one more late-night episode of "Intervention"...).Hope your 2011 is filled with much merriment and as little meth as possible. We don't actually need any meth. We are naturally insane.

This has been a public service announcement.


blind irish pirate said...

BWAHAHAA. Seasons Greetings, you have something in your ear. Happy New Year. (see what I just did?)

KittyMarie said...

Cracks me the hell up!