Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Someday spring

As the end of January nears, I have felt the anticipation of spring so intensely. I cannot wait to lose the heavy coat and wander campus with Husband during our lunch hour again. But that is certainly a few months away, so I must console myself with a recent photo challenge from the Pioneer Woman's site: flowers! She included a gorgeous shot taken by a woman named Christine of crocus buds peeking from the tundra:I adore this photograph. It reminded me of the croci that graced my parents' old farmhouse. When I saw the colorful protrusions, I knew warmth and sunlight were imminent. The early spring grass would grow tall around the beauties, as my father refused to mow over them. I hope to plant some in my own yard now, because they seem the most hopeful of flowers.

I'm ready to be warm again. How about you?

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