Wednesday, January 26, 2011


These two links are entirely unrelated, but each of them might just make life better, in their own way.

First, Husband has turned me on to It is the sound of a soft thunderstorm, over which you can play your own music, if you so choose. I cannot play music while I complete editing work, but to have such wonderful, calming white noise in the background is a treat. The only downside: frequent bathroom breaks...

Second, Gizmodo featured a wonderful post about a new site, Philanthroper, yesterday. As the site explains, "The base concept is this: You donate $1, they make sure 99% of that gets to the charity, not into their pockets." Awesome! For someone who has become disillusioned with the multitude of mail that I (continue to) receive after donating to several worthy causes recently, at least I can feel assured that my donation through this site will reach the intended cause rather than the postal service's coffers.

Happy Wednesday!


PX'sRoger said...

i am loving the rain website...going to try it on baby michael sometime

KittyMarie said...

GREAT IDEA! You're such a genius, Roger! I hope your wonderful little family is doing well!