Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Eye Candy

So, here's a confession: I kind of really want an iPhone. It's an irrational, irresponsible, bourgeois desire, I know. In truth, all I deserve is a dusty, old rotary phone (for you kids out there, a rotary phone is the kind that you had to stick your finger into and twist the dial in a circle for each individual number. And yes, I really did use one of these at one time even though they were a little outdated even by the time I was born... ...here, this is an illustration of a rotary phone. Yes, that was in fact a phone. I promise you I'm not clever enough to make this shit up).

I'm really hard on technology. As if you didn't already have an inkling. Computer destruction aside, I've managed to obliterate a flash drive, crush camera memory cards, do frightening things to nice, new cars, and generally destroy anything that is expensive and remotely high tech. I really don't mean to...it just seems to...happen. Much to my husband's dismay (read: "This is why we can't have nice things!"). I've only managed not to destroy my hand-me-down iPod so far because I mostly keep it locked safely away in my bedside drawer. I am simply a clumsy, oafish individual who belongs in some remote jungle, far away from Apples and Nikons and anything that came out of China and contains a microchip of some kind.

But I still kind of want an iPhone, the destruction of which, in my hands, would be inevitable.

Or would it? Perhaps "the first and only iPhone 4 case to meet military specifications," as featured on Gizmodo, would keep a new trinket safe!Aren't they pretty? And utilitarian! Perhaps this case is the answer to my maladroit tendencies! $50.

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