Monday, February 14, 2011

Wherein technology kicks my ass but I find a silver lining.

On the heels of a catastrophic hard drive failure on my work computer several months ago, within the last week, I've had to have my computer at work re-imaged due to viruses (thereby losing all of the fonts that I need and most of the programs, taking days to get working again), and last night a hard drive on my home computer died. At the worst possible time (I have eight years worth of "day job" work backed up and a vast number of deadline-sensitive freelance projects to work on rightthisminute). I hereby rename myself "Hard Drive Assassin" and would be happy to destroy your life and livelihood for a nominal fee.

I'm just a little bit frustrated.

But the best part (if a best part can be found) of having computer problems, is that I am married to someone who can work to fix the problems, reassure me that it wasn't my fault (...except it probably was...), and can get me up and running again, as fast as Amazon will deliver. But that's not all, folks.

He works hard every day. He makes me laugh constantly. He helps around the household, especially when I'm mired beneath hours of work and obligations. He strokes my head when I cry. He's learning to be a great cook. He is a wonderful son, brother, and friend. He takes time to make me feel special. He has a plan for when zombies attack. He knows when a treat will lift my spirits. He encourages me when I'm down. He has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. He makes my life worth living. I love you, my valentine.


Belisarius said...

Love you my one and only :)

PX'sRoger said...

i didn't know bobba fett had such a soft spot ;)

good thing for you kitty is there is a whole army of clones like him!

Belisarius said...

It's Boba Fett, Roger ;) *pushes glasses up bridge of nose*