Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coming up for air

Like so many others on this planet, I've been swamped. Trying to fit too much work into too little time. But I'm starting to reach the pinnacle of the mountain. I even took time during my lunch break to read a wonderful little article by John Hodgman. Yes, that John Hodgman, the PC guy.

I didn't realize his actual profession is that of writer. I suppose I just thought he went about his days wearing old glasses and bland suits and extolling the virtues of PCs, tongue-in-cheek. Apparently, not; he's a wonderful writer. This is a great piece that he wrote, "Apologia to My Second Child." It is humorous and poignant. It also helps explain the experience of being an only child.

Read his article today; he's more than just a computer.

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