Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daily Eye Candy

I love scrapbooking, I really do. I especially love it because I can design the pages myself and add little items that I picked up from vacations or events - pressed leaves, ticket stubs, cards.

But sometimes a homemade scrapbook just won't do.

As a gift to commemorate my wedding anniversary, my sistercousin/maid of honor created and had a book printed online, and it is a lovely keepsake. There are numerous companies that provide these services, but for the design-minded like myself (or at least who I aspire to be), these companies can often prove frustrating due to their pre-designed templates, from which one is essentially unable to deviate.

So, when blurb.com was recommended to be by an art director colleague, I was extremely interested. Of course, I never wrote down the site name, and the information was promptly deleted from my memory. That is, until this week, when I came upon the site once again, and my memory was restored from my brain's the recycle bin.

There are some gorgeous examples of recently created books under "Staff Picks." Check this out the next time you want to create a photo book with a little extra freedom of creativity!

I fully intend to take advantage of this company's services the next time I need a book!


Katie said...

I tried to use Blurb to publish my blog, and it was way too labor intensive for words. But the photobooks look really fun to do - you could do so many creative things! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

KittyMarie said...

Wheee! I need to have a big vacation or a baby or something so that I have important pictures to document, hehe!