Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daily Eye Candy

I might have forgotten to blog one of the most exciting moments during my four part vacation series.

While Husband and I explored the depths of Rockefeller, we came across an Anthropologie store. This was beyond exciting to me, since I had long pined for items from their Web site but had never had the opportunity to step foot in an actual brick and mortar store!

Husband played on his iPhone while I wandered around in a state of bliss. I didn't want to take time to try on outfits (thereby also trying the limits of Husband's patience), but I did find a pair of lovely earrings! These Druzy Rounds are agate set in gold or silver bezels.

They come in green:

And I purchased this set in white with silver bezel! I wore them for the first time to Phantom on Broadway! Love!

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