Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A short, hot summer

I cannot believe September begins next week.

Already a kajillion students are back to swarm the campus, as classes began yesterday. Husband and I can no longer eat, drive, or walk anywhere with ease. I am currently whimpering beneath my desk, the only place I feel I won't be run over by a myopic co-ed who can see nothing but the phone in her hand.

While the afternoon has warmed to just under sweltering, the morning was so chilly that I thought about wearing a jacket. A jacket. Jacket weather.

While I enjoy the crisp fall days and the changing leaves and the fresh school supplies aisle, I feel a little cheated out of summer. Yes, we were fortunate enough to take about a week's vacation to New York, and while it was a memorable experience, it wasn't at all like the gentle, leisurely vacations to which Husband and I are accustomed. I admittedly run at a slower pace than NY, and I didn't feel like Husband and I got the chance to re-charge our batteries in preparation for the long, icy winter ahead.

I never wore a swimsuit once this summer. And I really, really like to swim.

Sistercousin and I had discussed plans to visit a water park, which I happen to adore (don't judge me). The plans almost became a reality, but time and work got in the way, and now the plans are postponed until next summer. Just like the plans have been postponed every summer in recent memory.

Husband isn't a list maker or a plan creater, so activities are generally left to me to figure out and organize. And I'm so tired of trying to plan.

Maybe next summer.


Katie said...

no swimsuit all summer! A summer bummer! Come and visit - you can swim in our pool and visit our waterpark!

KittyMarie said...

I would love that, hehe :) That's one downside of home ownership, rentals usually have wonderful facilities, like pools! :)