Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fashion: Vanity is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, right?

No? It isn't mentioned specifically? Oh. Well, then I'm totally good (just go ahead and ignore Pride's subset, Vainglory. No one even uses that word anymore...).

Tonight, after visiting Dad, Husband and I plan to travel to the biggest money suc--I mean one of the competitively priced home improvement stores to purchase a new vanity for our weency half bath. We bought a perfectly adorable pedestal sink months ago but had to return it recently when we discovered the shaft wouldn't envelop the hard plumbing pipes erecting from the wall (who knew home improvement could be so suggestive?). So, we are off to buy something else, hopefully equally small and adorable. This Friday Fashion is in honor of beautiful, interesting, contemporary vanities everywhere (at least on Teh Internets).First, this lovely Apple Martini-colored Espirit Custom Pedstal Vanity from Modern Bathroom costs $1,697 and is so sleek. It also comes in a variety of colors, but I love this sharp green because I would never be confident enough to put it in my own home! The base shape makes me think of a museum display stand for ancient Egyptian relics. Perhaps that faucet dates from the third millenium BC and the sink is made out of papyrus!This Modelo 47" Bathroom Vanity Set for $1,849, also from Modern Bathroom, has one of the most interesting shapes I have seen so far. My puny brain can't even begin the understand the physics that it probably takes to balance this piece, so I therefore covet what I cannot comprehend. I might not even allow guests to use this...just lookey, no touchey.Like the Apple Martini colored vanity, I don't think I posess the confidence to purchase a vessel sink. I am simply not cool enought to own this Pegasus Vanity for $199 from Home Depot. But I am in love with the shape (and price!) of both this sink and base. I'm not going to lie, I kind of squealed with delight when I saw this. Squealed. The legs are so whimsical, like they belong in a Disney movie about demure princesses and robust princes (feminism, be damned!). Oh, and that top? Black granite. Yeah, I'm just saying...
Now the vanity gods are just toying with my emotions. A floating vanity? Golly gee, is there anything neater than this Vallens 31-inch Contemporary Wall Mount Bath Vanity from Bath Vanity Experts for $1,376? No? I didn't think so.Finally, I come to my One True Desire, this Magick Woods 40" Mahogany Sonata Bath Vanity Combo for $1,329. Logically, I know that this won't fit inside our itty bitty half bath (and wouldn't hide those scandalous erecting pipes, either), but I hopelessly fell in love with this vanity set the first time I laid eyes on it in person months ago. My first thought? What a perfect shape to wash a baby! Isn't that pathetic? I know. Go ahead and tell me how old and sad I am. Go on. I'll wait.

Thank you for your honesty.

I'm not exactly sure what will result from our vanity shopping trip tonight, but you'd better believe there will be a base and a sink and some kind of water spouting device involved. And it had better be GORGEOUS. I won't let you down.

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