Thursday, July 16, 2009

Halfway House: A Roundup

This week has gone mercifully quickly but has seemed jam-packed. Since my brain is no longer putting together coherent thoughts, here is a roundup of recent events.

Tuesday they moved Dad to Heritage Healthcare (room 56B). He called this nursing home his "Halfway House." He certainly hasn't lost his sense of humor. There, he will be able to continue his IV antibiotic treatments, adminstered every four hours, and will also receive physical therapy below the waist and occupational therapy above the waist. We have no idea how long he'll be there, how his recovery will go, or if he will eventually have to come home with the pick line (IV) still in his arm. Time will tell. We are just happy that he is in a place that he can improve, hopefully.

Tuesday was also Husband and my second wedding anniversary. Remember Sheila? Well, she was my anniversary gift from Husband. I could never top a gift as beautiful as Sheila, but I tried (momentary bragging alert...I'm terrible sorry...please look away). I don't think Husband has named him yet, but I think I'll call him Bubba. He looks like a Bubba.

Bubba is a 22 1/2-inch Weber charcoal grill, and he's pretty handsome. My mouth is watering for some A1 sauce on meaty steaks right now. If only we were living in some kind of house that we both owned and resided in...hmmm...stay tuned for our first barbeque...probably sometime in early December.

So...other things have happened, but they are too trivial for me to even write about, let alone force you to read about, so I will sign off for now, but watch tomorrow for a Friday Fashion that will require a few bibs and citronella candes. Enigmatic, I know.

Addendum: The Fazoli's on Chauncey is apparently closed. This is a travesty. Please write your congressman immediately.

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Kyle said...

I'm excited to try out the grill, already got the steaks :) Thanks wife!