Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday Fashion: Don't forget the bug spray

So, perhaps I'm producing this Friday Fashion post for the sole reason that I can show the world again what I got Husband for our anniversary. Or maybe I'm just really into grilling in the great outdoors. You decide. Either way, today's post is inspired by Bubba.Sorry 'bout that. I couldn't resist.

If you're planning to grill out, you don't want to leave the chef all alone to tend to your steaks and burgers while you languish, sweat-free in the air conditioned house, right? (Let's pretend like I would never, ever do this.) If your dining party is going to enjoy the warm summer evening outside, then you're going to need some seating. May I suggest the outdoor dining table and chairs to end all others? This takes wicker to a whole new level.

This Mezzo Round Outdoor Wicker Dining Table from Allegro Classics is $2,195 for the 70-inch version ($300 less for the $59-inch version). And you can even pick the wicker color (sand or ebony)! I won't include a tablecloth in this post, because who would dare cover such beauty with mere cloth? Oh, did I mention the dining benches are $599 each? No? Silly you think they would accept firstborn as payment?

Now once you're stuffed full of grilled meat and potato salad and fresh baked apple pie, who has the energy to do the dishes? Not me. You could always opt for plastic picnic utensils. I know, I know, it's not a terribly green option, but how can you turn down such a cute set?

How beachy! With this Picnic Utensil Set at $4.99, you can pretend you're on the coast even if you're actually surrounded by the corn-infested tundra of the Midwest!How adorable would these Magma Stone Votive Holders from Uncommon Goods at $50 look sitting at each place on the table? They would provide a wonderful glow as the sun slipped below the horizon! Or, if this ultra-modern votive holder doesn't tickle your pickle, how about a single, vintage-looking votive statement?

How lovely, a Rustic Ring Candle Holder at just $19.99. However, I bet we could totally make something similar to this with some old chicken wire and spray paint. Who's with me?!

So we've got something to grill on, sit on, eat with, and look at. How about the most important part? Something to drink with:These Sea Stone Wine Glasses (set of 2), also from Uncommon Goods at $58, are simply too earthy chic. Personally, I dislike the taste of wine (although my exception to this rule is my newly found, much beloved, hard to find Stella Rosa *sniffs*). If you're not a wine drinker either, think how sweet these would look with some iced tea, garnished with fresh lemon. Or you could put in some rum and coke. I won't tell.

Whenever we're actually able to use our grill at our house, I'll let you know. You're invited to our first barbeque. Bring booze.


whiskey9cjo said...

The wine glasses ROCK! (Ha-ha..joke..)

And yes, I'm with you on the chicken wire. I'd probably take it a step further and nix the chicken wire idea out of laziness and buy an Off! candle bucket. BACK OFF BUGS!

Katherine said...

You can't go wrong with some Off! While not as aesthetically pleasing, at least the skeeters wouldn't eat you alive. I like your utilitarian thinking...can I have both?