Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fashion: Belly Up to the Bar

Since we now have an official breakfast bar in our new home, we're going to need a few bar stools. This past weekend we actually bought two - they were on sale, buy one get one for $1, which was a pretty sweet deal. And they matched our couch and our wood color and seemed pretty sturdy. But, true to the frustration of home renovation, the padding on the seat cushions was just a little too thick, making squeezing one's legs under the bar impossible. Of course we realized this after the first piece was half assembled. So we howled in pain, rent our clothing, and returned the stools. We're still on the lookout. Perhaps this "Friday Fashion" will serve as a bit of inspiration for our bar seating woes.

Soho Bar Stool from Bee Mod for $190. Very masculine and elegant. I love the rung for your feet! Just don't overimbibe your chocolate milk - you might get tipsy and fall off.

PU Bar Stool from Alibaba. Nothing sends my heart a-flutter like striking red. And red plush is even better. I think this stool would require a rather dainty bottom, however.

Rattan Bar Stool from Evinco Design for $334.99. Rattan isn't for everyone. I'm not entirely sure it would fly up here in the Medieval Midwest; it seems much more suited for a retirement community in Florida (think "Golden Girls"), but for a beachy, easygoing look, rattan is a great choice. Just avoid flowy clothing. You might get caught.

Oh, this is my favorite. Dancing Circles Barstool from Horchow for $599. I will covet this until the day I die, or until the day my wallet expands enough to afford more than $1,200 in barstools (because I need at least two! One might get lonely!). Hmm...according to my financial calculations of a copyeditor's projected salary...I guess you will remain only in my dreams, my love.

Okay, so maybe I lied. Maybe these are my favorites so far. Maybe I just need to own another house with another breakfast bar so I don't have to make these hard life decisions. Twist Bar Stool by Effezeta from Furnit at 326 pounds (I ain't got no idea how much that be in American money). Come on, baby, let's do the twist...

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