Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Fashion: Christmas, Part 2

Welcome to Christmas, Part 2. Now that the turkey has been devoured, the stuffing has been stuffed, and the thanks have been proclaimed, I can share these Etsy finds without premature seasonal shame! While searching for Christmas card inspiration last week, I unearthed several interesting ornament and gift wrapping ideas, so sit back and enjoy.

These aren't especially novel...I think I attempted something similar when I could still count my age on two hands, but they look quite sturdy and still very sweet and resourceful. Recycled Christmas Car Star Ornament by Lcaribou for $12.

Now that shopping season is in full swing (Husband did the four a.m. spree this morning...and I stayed in my soft warm bed like a sane person), who doesn't love investing in a few gift cards for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones? My mother calls them "non gifts," but I always personally appreciate the sentiment (*cough* Macy's *cough*). For a usual kind of gift, why not invest in an unusual bit of wrapping like these gift card pouches? Set of 3 by henryandzoestudio for $14.

For those gifts that come in prettily wrapped boxes, include an absolutely adorable penguin gift tag! This little bowtied fellow will bring a smile to even the Scrooge-iest of hearts! Set of 4 by TheTinyFig for $3.

For all of those holiday dinners and festive cocktail parties, include a bit of sophisticated cheer with these mini beaded napkin rings (or place card holders). I think the details are always the most special. By mojaziemia for $3.

Perhaps I love these precious little "Lil' Hoot Ornaments" because they look just like something my mother would crochet. She should really start her own Etsy shop...once she learns how to turn on the computer...By theitsybitsyspider (currently sold out, but check back periodically!).

Continuing with my owl theme (I had no idea I loved the little hooters so much!) are these "Upcycled Felted Wool Own Ornaments." Delicate and soft and sweet. I love her! By newgreenmama for $10.

I think next week will end with Friday Fashion: Christmas, Part 3. Stop in for some unique gift recommendations. There's sure to be something for everyone (and their brother!).

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