Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fashion: Christmas, Part 1

I received a Facebook message yesterday requesting my address in preparation for Christmas cards (thanks for the inspiration for today's post, Anne M.! For those of you that know me well, this is not the Anne M. you think it is. That's another Anne M. I have many Anne M.'s in my life...).

I have a beautiful, brand spankin' new craft room this year, but I have yet to begin creating my own holiday cards. I plan to put together the Christmas tidings myself, because I mix love into my glitter, add extra joy with my glue, and sprinkle gosh darn good will on the cardstock. However, I also have yet to start planning my less with the love and joy and good will and more with the panic and anxiety and maybeicanjustsendsomethingstampedhallmark.

To get myself in the mood, I scoured Etsy. I will share the inspiration I discovered with you, my loves. Proceed to SQUEE.

Cartoon Print Cards

Let's start things off with a nontraditional card. While this is definitely weird and slightly disturbing, the artwork is just so funny and unique. I love the sparse use of color and the simple graphic. From Serpenthes, set of 10 for $3.00.

I am simply in love with this lil' feller. I do not believe a more adorable cartoon drawing exists anywhere on earth (this looks like something the other Anne M. in my life would draw!). I want to put him on a leash and walk him down the road while singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." (Please note, this little guy is an elephant..."Eli the Elephant," to be exact...that song just happens to be My Favorite Christmas Song Of All Time. You don't think the song will give Eli a complex, do you?) SkribblyKids, $2.00.

Crafty Cards

I love the simplicity and beautiful message of this card. The ribbon use is great...and there's even a rhinestone for the dove's eye. Right up my alley. Riricreations, 1-5 cards for $4.00 each (price reduces from there).

Again with the gorgeous simplicity! What a fun and interesting way to use buttons. I particularly like the mix of printed text and graphic with a crafty element. I wonder what kind of glue the creator used...Capturingcreativity, 6 cards for $2.00.

Pop-Up Cards

I definitely don't have the scissor dexterity to create these cards...but I so admore the workmanship! I am in love with the tiny, delicate bows on the packages! A very sweet scene. Shesbattydesigns, 1 card for $6.00.

This is a very interesting a snowglobe! And what a jolly snowman! PetrinaCase Studio, 1 card for $3.99.

Just Plain Beautiful Cards

This card gets the seasonal point across very simply and in a lovely way. Christmas is one time of the year when I can stand gold everywhere...normally I am a silver gal, but during December, gold is just right. Kingpopcorn, 1 card for $6.00.

This card definitely deserves a click on the link to view the whole piece. I used this picture to highlight the hand-embossed snowflakes - so utterly beautiful and so incredibly, accurately evocative of a real snowflake! This looks like velvet! LetterpressLight, 1 card for $9.50.

Stay tuned for Christmas, Part 2 in next week's Friday Fashion!

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