Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gleeking Out

I don't believe my intense love affair with Glee is much of a secret. Ever since Philboy introduced me to the pilot, I have become a devoted follower. A "Gleek," if you will. And some of the best people I know love the show too. BlindIrishPirate wrote a great post about Glee, expressing some plot concerns and character development wishes. But I do believe her desire for the character of Artie was fulfilled this week! For you to enjoy:

P.S. also had a great article on Glee yesterday! Read, enjoy, love!


GeorgeDubya said...

Arty is probably my favorite character, and I don't know why.

Sue is actually a human being! I almost cried... Ok, not really, but I was shocked.

Also, there is already a CD out with full versions of most of the songs up to this episode. I own it.

blind irish pirate said...

I won't lie, GW, I actually shed a tear when Sue was with her sis.

I also have excessive lacrimation when I lie on my side, always have. ;)

blind irish pirate said...

OH! I forgot to say, BEST EPISODE TO DATE. It actually makes up for the suck of the last one, fo shiz.

Katherine said...

AGREED! Love this episode! Planning to re-watch it during lunch today, thanks Hulu!