Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fashion: Beauty rest

I crawled out of bed at 5:45 this morning and headed off to work, leaving Husband behind to battle some new plague he has recently acquired. Oh, how I miss my bed Husband!

Husband and I own exactly one single set of sheets that fit the king-sized bed we purchased right before moving in to our newly-renovated home. This doesn't bother me much (look at me! am environmentally-friendly low consumer! ta-daaa!), except that I do appreciate a little pattern in my life. The sheets we have are white with white satin-looking, texture-contrasting stripes. One might call them elegant. Another might call them boring.

In honor of getting some beauty rest, I bring you a sheet-centered Friday Fashion.
A different take on stripes...a bit more exciting than our personal "white on white" striped motif we currently employ. Blue and brown are such a lovely color combination, and I appreciate that the stripes appear in contrasting sizes also. Havana Stripe, $35.99-%53.99.

I zeroed in on the yellow/green color, but any of these would look lovely in a number of situations, from a couple's mattress to a child's bed. I adore the intricate pattern, but soft overall look. "Genevieve" Sheet Sets, assorted pricing.
Another intricate pattern, but slightly bolder this time. Constanta King Sheet Set, $129.99.

This is all me. Stark black and white, a bold graphic pattern, what's not to love? The edging is delicate, but contrasted by the oversized polka dots. I didn't used to like polka dots. In recent years, I have turned to the dark side. Shame be upon me. Blissliving Home Ayanna Black Sheet Set, assorted pricing.

Ahh, my favorite - an organic print in a beautiful and bold yet soothing color. These belong in the Caribbean, but I would feel right at home snoozing on that pattern. And no wonder, it is by the always well-designed Marimekko. Madison Green Sheet Sets, $34.95-$124.00.

Sleep in style, my pets!


thebentobaker said...

We are the same way, we only had the sheets we got from our wedding (they are beige) for the longest time. why are king size sheets so expensive? yeesh! I'm with you on the black and white print :)

KittyMarie said...

It seems sheets of any real quality are terribly expensive! I would make the case for really breaking the bank on an extremely high-thread count set of sheets (or two, if you can swing it). Buying many sets of cheap, scratchy sheets just won't cut it in my book. For me, quality definitely counts more than quantity in this case!