Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fashion: Lunchtime

Before I regale you with my witty commentary and stunning insight about lunch boxes, let me first send a giant, well-designed thank you to Philboy and his beautiful and charming girlfriend (who has the absolute cutest and most consistently perfectly coiffed haircut on any girl ever, if I might add). They took pity upon my plight and gave me a set of dish towels featured recently on my blog after they took a spontaneous trip to heaven an Ohio Ikea. I love them. (The dish towels and the couple. I refuse to reveal which or whom I love more...)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Husband and I take our lunches to work about four out of five days per week, if we're lucky. It saves money and probably a few calories. Husband's bag is adorable and, appropriately, from
One Bawls in the Side Pocket, $12.99. We even bought one for his brother for Christmas.

My lunch box is, shall we say, not so cute.

It is bright red and very large and very square. Just a few years ago, I would have been mortified to drag my lunch with me in such a monstrosity. But I don't have many people left to impress these days. I will have had the lunch box as long as I have had my job at Big Fancy University (two years in June), and the inside is starting to become rather beat up thanks to unsheathed knives and pointy forks. So perhaps it is time to invest in something new and just a tad bit more appetizing.

Oh, hey look, adorableness:
I know, right? This supposedly can hold a sandwich, small snacks, and fresh fruit. I'll take their word for it. I don't know how much insulation this would provide, but it is darn cute. The Web site where this is offered is apropos: Totally Funky. Apple Lunch Box - Green, $9.99.

Speaking of apples... As long as this lunchbox doesn't have a sound component that proclaims "Lunch sent from my iPhone" in an annoying, nasally voice, I'm okay with it. If you're a Mac person, I'm sure you would be the envy of all your iPhone-bearing friends, so long as they take the time to look up from their screens long enough to catch a glimpse. Posh Apple Lunch Box.

Arr, matey! Husband would love this lunch box. What a jolly Roger! Maybe he can get this one, and we can trade, so I will have his cute "Nom Nom Nom" one, eh? Pirate Lunch Box, $19.99.Let's say it all together: "Awwww!" These lunch boxes are customizable with any image you upload. These would make wonderful gifts for a child or an adult! If I had a pet, that's what would be on my lunch box. Oh, you know, or my husband. Whatever. Photo Lunch Box.
Too cool for school. These Airstream Lunch Boxes aren't for sale, but I couldn't resist sharing this wonderful online find! You could probably make something similar yourself with the instructions provided in the link!Finally, I couldn't find these actually for sale either, but it was just too lovely (and, again, potentionally something you could make yourself with the right amount of time, patience, and skill). It is a Tapestry Lunch Box made from vintage tapestries. It even folds flat, and since the material is vintage, they are one-of-a-kind!

Happy lunching!


Mrs. Addison said...

Those are all so cute! I wish I had somewhere to take my lunch now! :)

Katherine said...

I should do a "Friday Fashion" on picnic supplies, just for you!