Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Fashion: Part 1

I have been remiss in posting lately, dear reader, even skipping Friday Fashion in favor of staring blankly at a wall for a few hours. But I will rectify my sloth.

This week I have taken a renewed interest in nail polish. In my youth, nail polish was an addiction. Seriously. I went to rehab. Mine was a special case.

I still own a large blue plastic tub that holds my old bottles of nail polish. It continues to reside at my parents' house as it is has grown too heavy for a human being to pick up and move.

In grade school, I would paint intricate designs on each nail using toothpicks and a rainbow of hues. My left pinkie was always a different color. I apparently had a lot of free time as a kid.

I fell off the nail polish bandwagon during college when I found that, instead of personal grooming rituals, my time was better spent napping and scarfing bags of Lays Barbecue Chips. I apparently had a lot of free time as a college student.

But for Christmas, from Husband's aunt, I receive six tiny bottles of OPI nail polish in various colors. Earlier this week I wore "Viva Pink." Today I am wearing metallic silver. Tonight I might just change to a dark purple. I apparently have a lot of free time nowadays.

In honor of spring, I thought I would present a two-part, two-day series inspired by two bright, beautiful lacquer colors, with corresponding outfits. Because everyone should base their daily ensemble on what color their nails display.

Today's color choice: Love to Make Up, $13.

Such a bright, bold color deserves a gorgeous dress, and I think the contrast of the sharp pink and old-world lace charm would look just lovely. How adorable is this Birch Lace Dress, $62?The pink will really pop with matching Aphrodite Heels, $64.99. Even the sweetheart neckline of the dress is reflected in these shoes! Love them!And don't forget to grasp a cute clutch in your perfectly manicured hands. Lulu Townsend Pleated Satin Clutch, $26.95.

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