Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fashion: Earth Day

I realize yesterday was Earth Day, but Friday Fashion happens on Friday. Deal with it.

Husband and I are big recyclers. Even though our beloved Bullshit did an episode about how recycling isn't really all that helpful to the environment (especially paper recycling), I just can't bring myself to throw a newspaper into the garbage. And I am not above fishing other people's aluminum cans out of the refuse pail at work to recycle them. You might not want to shake my hand.

Our recycling bins consist of two gray plastic tubs in our garage. Not terribly inspired or exciting, but they get the job done. We empty them about every two weeks (no luxurious curbside recycling pick-up in our little hick county), and the chore takes ten minutes, tops.

In honor of Earth Day, this Friday Fashion brings you environmentally-friendly and design-friendly recycling bins. Because even dealing with trash can be aesthetically appealing.
This looks like a great option that can be placed discreetly right in your kitchen, and the sections are removable so you can dump one without having to dump the whole thing! Plus, I love that one of the separated bins could be dedicated to organic matter useful in compost. Trio Recycling Bin, $30.00.

I love the bright, fun colors and lovely teardrop shape of these bins! Each can be used individually or connected to others to create what you see in the image. Pattumina, prices by request.
Very sleek and industrial-looking. This would match stainless steel appliances beautifully! The Smart Bin, $99.99.This is my favorite by far. Doesn't it look like it belongs in the Jetson's home? It's made from recycled polypropylene. Plus? It comes in other colors! Ovetto Recycling Bin, $139.99.

Love your earth, my babies.


blind irish pirate said...

I definitely like the first because it not only gets rid of the smelly compost bucket in our window sill, but also gets the recycling out from under foot. Noice find.

Katherine said...

It is probably the most useful one I found...I suppose one could always paint it pretty colors:)