Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is in the air...

I can feel it. It has arrived. Spring is everywhere. Renewal floods my spirit. Things don't look quite so cold, quite so dark, quite so bleak anymore. Good things are happening. Below are a few pictures that signify "spring" to me.

The flowers are everywhere! I am reminded of one of my favorite poems: "Nature's first green is gold, it's hardest hue to hold" ("Nothing Gold Can Stay"). The poem is rather melancholic, but I prefer to focus on the beauty of those first few lines.

Our house looks much more inviting with a few flowers to spruce things up. Even better, birds love to land on the support strings of the hanging baskets. I can't wait to put out my hummingbird feeder (courtesy of BlindIrishPirate). I hope to start landscaping if the ground ever dries out!

My mother found this old crock in one of our sheds and cleaned it up for me. I love the fragrance and soft color of these blooms.

We just learned that one of these men will become a father for the second time in November (hint: not Husband, thankthelordwhomayormaynotexist). Congratulations to the little family!

Back in the saddle again. He has resurrected his daily treks down the lane to retrieve the mail. He plans to mow the yard this summer with a little help from a pillow and back brace. He has been having dreams of walking unassisted. This photo fills me with more joy than I thought possible.

I hope your spring brings you happiness and peace.


Amanda said...

I LOVE the photo of Kyle and Mike!

Katherine said...

Thought you might - it CRACKS me up:) I will send you a CD with some pics from this weekend! There are lots of cute Nathan shots:)

blind irish pirate said...

I love the country crock. Sawheet design.

KittyMarie said...

I love the crock too! It's kind of country without being disgustingly in-your-face about it. I'm more of a contemporary gal, but eclectic works, too!