Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

You know, I really enjoyed posting a little something each day last week. It didn't take long or require much Deep Thinking, but it forced me to just get some words down on (virtual) paper. So I think I will try to keep it up. But I guess taking my track record into consideration, no promises.


Once upon a time, before I had a driver's license and permanent teeth, there was a little restaurant named Beaulah's, the only restaurant in the tiny town outside of which my family lived. Beaulah's was the favored eatery (because there wasn't another chow wagon for a good 10+ miles) for all of the local good ol' boys and the church crowd alike.

Beaulah was the proprietress. I don't remember her vivdly, but I do remember her bathroom. The floor was rotting clear through, and one took their own life into their hands when nature called. I was always shocked that what was left of the floor could still support the weight of both a toilet and Beaulah's corpulent customers.

The place wasn't fancy, but it was food, and her patrons weren't terribly discerning. Apparently my own father would fall into this category. One day, while enjoying a hearty plate of scrambled eggs, he looked up to find he had locked eyes with a cockroach sitting on the counter top, surely filled with breakfast envy. The cockroach, realizing its cover was blown, scurried away into the dark nether-regions of Beaulah's kitchen. My father looked back at his plate, salted his scrambled eggs, and continued eating.

So was dining at Beaulah's restaurant.

The place is long since gone, as is Beaulah herself, but the memory lives on, for better or for worse.

What does this story have to do with the Daily Eye Candy, you ask? Nothing. Except the name of these beauties. Nine West Women's Beaulah Mary Janes, $64.22.

Interesting what a single reference can dredge from the far-reaches of one's mind, eh? I do hope you weren't eating scrambled eggs while reading this post.


blind irish pirate said...

I will be much more likely to enjoy whatever strange concoction that you pull from virtual catalogs with stories like this. I'm laughing so hard.

KittyMarie said...

Hehehe, I am thrilled! I hope tying in little bits of fashion each day will drum up some of my old memories and get my creative juices flowing!

Leslie said...

And you always got the weirdest stories at the communal breakfast table were you brave enough to sit there...

Katherine said...

Yes! Someone else to confirm this place actually existed hehehe:)