Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fashion: Brrrrrrr

As suddenly as fall arrived, it seems to have bowed to winter just as quickly. It is cold out there.

In honor of my fingers that have turned into icicles, here are my five favorite outerwear pieces from Anthropologie. How I love their online shop, which marries contemporary and vintage-styled pieces so deliciously!Handbasket Sweatercoat, $168. First of all, I just have to say one thing: Sweatercoat. I didn't even know sweatercoats existed. It's a coat, but it's also a sweater. That means that you can get away with wearing it all day long, and no one will look at you cross-eyed because you're still wearing the coat you waddled in with. Because it's also a sweater. This is pure genius. I love the soft grey color also. I could buy seven and wear them all day long, every single day of the week.Dusk Ruffles Coat, $228. I adore the exaggerated ruffles down the front as well as the understated black-on-black pattern. It almost looks like a dress. I bet I could get away with wearing this all day long, too.Cassonade Coat, $198. I dig the pockets and the fact that this almost looks like a 2-piece ensemble. I want to wear this on a misty train station platform while clutching an embroidered handkerchief to my breast, anticipating the arrival of my handsome soldier as he returns home.Curtsey Coat, $298. I get the feeling this style might not go over so well on my unfortunately wide, child-birthin'-rough-and-ready hips, but the gathers at the waist are just so lovely, and the ivory color is to die for (though I would surely get it dirty in a New York minute. By the way, just how long is a New York minute? I'm from the Midwest, where a minute takes approximately three hours...).Cream Confection Jacket, $178. And hey, guess what, more ruffles. At least I'm consistent, right? Right? *crickets* The description of this jacket on the site includes the word "undulating." This might be my favorite, only for that reason.

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blind irish pirate said...

"I'm from the Midwest, where a minute takes approximately three hours..."

DEAD. So true.