Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Eye Candy: In heat

Can I just point out something that has become obvious and increasingly ridiculous lately? Everyone in the whole entire world is pregnant. I'm serious. Thanks to the daily Facebook news feed, it seems the number of "special announcements" (because nothing is real until you announce it on Facebook, right?) has grown exponentially over the past several months. The number certainly exceeds the amount of fingers on both my hands. I think there's something in the water.

I don't know if rampant pregnancies have always been the case or if I am simply noticing the rash of gestation more lately because I am at the age where my personal friends and acquaintances start getting knocked up. Or maybe we can blame this, too, on global warming. Everyone must be in heat or something.

Anyway. I have a point. LOOK! Adorable *wooden* *organic *handmade* baby rattles and toys. That might be the yuppiest sentence I have ever written. They are made from locally sourced hardwood and designed never to splinter (some are intended for use as teethers).

But darn if these aren't sweet.I would be lying if I said that these didn't make my ovaries squeal a little.

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

All from Little Alouette on Etsy.

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