Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We have confirmation that we won't be hearing about the offer we put in on the house for another two to three weeks. Something to do with the appraisal not coming in, additional finagling required with a third financial party, and the discovery that the former owners have the common sense of a pile of rocks.

Here is the question I pose to you: Who takes out a second mortgage on their current house to buy another, larger, much more expensive house in another state completely, in which only one member of the family will live? Whatever they got out of the first house didn't even meet the regular twenty percent down payment on the new house. It must be a palace...

Soooo...two to three more weeks. Until we even hear anything. That doesn't count the possibility of an escrow time period if they even actually accept our offer straight away or the additional time it will take if they're looking to negotiate for more money. I'm thinking we should put in another offer equivalent to our first offer, which was pretty much a joke. Just because I'm that bitter.

Maybe we'll have a lovely new house as a Christmas present. I hope the former owners get coal.

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