Monday, October 27, 2008

A new camera!

Husband and I recently purchased a new digital camera. My first digital camera was bought several years ago as a Christmas present in preparation for a photojournalism class I was taking in college. It was a Kodak and came with a small printer dock for easy, at home printing. The camera served me quite well throughout my remaining college years and post-graduation. It is still a good camera, especially for shooting events (I used it often for my college newspaper and internship in the Office of Publications and Media Relations), but it can be a bit bulky for everyday use. So, I got a hankering for something I could slip into my purse for unexpected photo opportunities. Husband, being the loving spouse that he is, as well as a man who loves his toys, did a bit of research and suggested purchasing a Nikon Coolpix S550, which seemed to meet our needs and price range. So we did, when the camera suddenly came on sale on Best Buy's Web site. I got the blue one, because, hello, cute!

This past weekend was the centennial anniversary of our county seat's courthouse. The historical society sponsored a contest for photographs, paintings, etc., celebrating the courthouse. My mother encouraged me to enter, which I did, because I like to support community events and was also afraid there wouldn't be many entries (there ended up being...three). One lovely, clear fall afternoon I grabbed my new little camera and walked up to the courthouse to snap a few pictures. I decided to enter a more representative shot of the courthouse dome rather than the building in its entirety. The contest was judged by a local photographer, and I won! (However, one of my friends also entered a photograph which I thought was much more neat than mine, and I promise I am not just saying that to be nice! It was a similar shot to mine, but she went the extra mile and grayscaled the courthouse leaving only the American and Indiana flags in color, which was such a cool idea! Kudos to her!) As an aside, my very observant husband noticed from her photograph that the Indiana flag is hung upside down, for some reason. Ah, Indiana pride...


John said...

What model Cannon?

if dSLR, what lenses?

Can you tell I'm a photo geek now?

KittyMarie said...

I would have to look at the camera more in depth when I get home. I can't even remember the model on the moment! It wasn't uber fancy and professional, but I felt uber fancy and professional when I used it, haha. Definitely no special lenses, though. I wish the photojournalism class I bought it for hadn't turned out to be such a joke...I really wanted to learn more in depth about shutter speeds and whatnot, but the class touched on the actual mechanics very little.

KittyMarie said...

KLP corrected me - Kodak, not Canon! I can't keep anything straight!

John said...

Ahhh - I know nothing about Kodak cameras - but I do know quite a bit about Cannon (it's what I shoot).

I've got a EOS 400D, and a few lenses :-)

I've taken courses on photography that detailed the mechanics, and have another one starting in a couple of weeks that will focus more on composition of shots and post-processing.