Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I bring you news of great joy...

A Christmas miracle! Our offer has been accepted! Within the next few weeks we will close on our first home! Tonight we visited the house for one last time before we sign away our firstborn. It might not be much to look at now, but with some new carpeting, paint, and a few cosmetic revisions, we will soon make this house our home.

This is the living room. I think our comfy sofa and loveseat (which has yet to come out of plastic wrap) will fit nicely in here. Plus our new, beautiful, gigantic coffee table!

This is the dining room, just off the kitchen and family room. A new light fixture (something from this century, perhaps?) will make this room shine! We're thinking about removing the sliding glass doors that lead onto the deck and replacing them with a large window.

This is the kitchen. The cabinets need a new coat of paint and we're planning to rip out part of the wall and perhaps make a breakfast bar to open things up into the dining room. There is a lovely large pantry and a washer and dryer just down the hallway that leads to our half bathroom and bonus room that I'm planning to turn into my very own craft room!

We're thinking about investing in an electric range as opposed to this gas range. We shall see!

This is our master bedroom. I think it's spacious enough to fit all of our pretty furniture and, hopefully, a new, king-sized bed!

This is our master bathroom. You don't even have to ask; no, the purple paint will not be staying. We might rip out the linen closet and increase the size of the tub/shower. Just need some measurements and estimates!

This is the master walk-in closet. I think it will be large enough to put in a cute little vanity with a mirror and stool, plus all the closet space I could ever want. Did I ever mention I never had a closet growing up? A very sad state for a little girl!

This is just part of the basement, which is HUGE. A basement was one feature of a house that I was not willing to budge on, given my tornado paranoia. We're hoping to finish it off sometime in the future and add a fourth bedroom and game/family room. Ah, how I love contemplating the future!

Can you imagine this staircase wrapped in garland and perhaps some twinkly white lights during the Christmas holidays?! It will be so festive!

This is one of the two bedrooms upstairs (mattress courtesy of the previous owners...). Someday they will be our childrens' bedrooms, but for now, one will be an office and the other will be a guest bedroom. Y'all are welcome to come stay whenever you want!!! In fact, I insist you invite yourself for a sleepover!

And finally, our wonderful, magnificent two car garage. At this moment, I may be looking forward to using the garage more than anything else, because once we close on the house, we can begin using this right away to keep the snow and ice off our cars each morning before we go to work! Dare I dream of such luxury?!


Angie said...

i'm so happy for you! let me know if you would like help painting/moving/wallpapering... whatever!

Blind, Irish Pirate said...

I am glad that new coats of paint are indicated, because some of that wall paper trim is very confusing.

Bah! Merry Christmas!

KittyMarie said...

Thanks so much, Angie! You're too sweet:)

Yes, the borders are quite terrible...I completely fail to understand how people can ignore painting, slap on an ugly, country-inspired wallpaper border and say, "It's PERFECT!" Not our tastes and it will soon be rectified!