Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paint by Number

35: The number of pounds I probably gained from gorging myself upon two bountiful Thanksgiving feasts and several days worth of leftovers. Maybe it wasn't a mistake that I made twice the needed amount of deviled eggs...

13: The number of days of work left before Christmas vacation. Husband and I haven't had a real vacation since our Honeymoon to Michigan in July 2007 (I can't believe we're almost in 2009!), so, we decided to take the entire week of Christmas off. We're not actually going anywhere interesting or engaging in any productive activity, but at least we won't be at work. However, knowing my luck, one or both of us will be dying of the flu or something during that week. I bet you ten bucks.

9: The number of glorious vacation days starting December 20.

5: The number of weeks since we put in our counteroffer to the bank for the house. That is, of course, after the 8 week wait for a response about the first offer. We signed the counteroffer and it was faxed on October 31, Halloween. Yes, that was 5 weeks ago. And still counting...

4: The number of Christmas presents left to buy. We only have two gifts to obtain for my extended family gift exchange, one more gift for Mother-In-Law, and one gift for an adorable little boy who looks like he could be our child if one didn't know better. Luckily, we pretty much know what all of the gifts are going to be. Hooray commercialism!

Seriously, I want to claim him as my own. Husband agrees. He's too cute. His entire face is much cuter, of course, but I'm afraid of the Internet Crazies, so this is my way of protecting half-face baby.

0: The number of minutes I have left before I should be getting back to work! And you too! I see you there, reading this blog at work. Shame on us.


Diosthocles said...

I read it during my passing break from classes so :-P.

Thanks for only putting up half of that cute face. I would have spouted some obscene words in your direction had you posted all of it.

You forgot a partridge and a Pear tree on your countdown BTW.

KittyMarie said...

Had I posted earlier you would have read it at work, admit it!

Dude, I wouldn't risk precious half-baby's identity to The Crazies of The Internet :) You should know me better ;-) I know what kind of sick perverts frequent this blog...oh, wait...

I would like a pear tree...but where would I plant it? I don't have an effing yard. *Grumbles*