Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fashion: Gather the animals two by two

As surely as Indiana weather promises to never be predictable, the snow turned to rain, which turned to ice, which turned back into rain on top of ice. Cold, cold rain.

This Friday Fashion is in combat of rain. Especially the kind that plops on the back of your neck and drips all the way down your back until you end up with soggy underwear. Yech.You won't have to watch out for puddles in these indescribably adorable Poppy Wellies for 32 pounds. Also known as "galoshes." Or, if you are my grandfather, "rubbers." Screamed at the top of your lungs. Preferably in a crowd of strangers.

Also? The same site sells Welly Warmers for 19 pounds. Sweet.

Don't leave the house without a lovely raincoat to match your *cough* rubbers (and warm socks!). Something like these Coffee Shop Women's Double-breasted Trench Coats for $52.99 should do the trick!

Remember also to include a rain hat to keep your 'do dry (and that rain off your neck and out of your unmentionables). Extra points for environmentalism. Oh, look, just like this Recycled Rain Hat for $44. The pieces are made from recycled outdoor promotional banners. Pretty ding dang dong cool.
Finally, the pièce de résistance. Le parapluie. El paraguas. The umbrella. The one weather-related accessory that you are most likely not going to leave the house without (unless you are that case, you never leave the house with the umbrella). Make a statement. Like this Washington National Cathedral Vaulted Auto Rain Umbrella for $34.95. Why stand out in the downpour when you can be both cozy and devout under a cathedral ceiling? So lovely. And functional. My two favorite things! My least favorite: cold rain.

I miss the sun.


blind irish pirate said...

KAT. There was SUN this morning. Like, for five minutes. It was pale and fleeting, but it WAS THERE.

Katherine said...

Don't trust it, BlindIrish. It's only toying with you.