Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fashion: Ice Ice, Baby

No, not this Ice.
This ice.
Our landscape has just begun to thaw, bringing hope for warmer weather, brighter spirits, and shortly, an inevitable blizzard. So today, I dedicate this Friday Fashion to ice.

I've covered coats before, so revisit this post for your main winterwear. Today, we will focus on the accessories that will make or break the ensemble.

I once thought scarves were silly, inconsequential wardrobe pieces. But then I realized how cold my neck could get. Also, scarves are cute! For example, this one has POCKETS and POM POMS! Women's Checker Pocket Scarf by PrAna, $38.
This scarf isn't quite so useful at keeping cold out, but darn if it isn't unique and cute! Purple-lilac crocheted scarf, $76.50.

Like scarves, I was also never a big hat person. I once owned a hat that was completely sequined to look like in the American flag. After that, hats and I, we kind of parted ways. But lately I've been coming back around. I do so love both form and function, like this simply adorable Mountain Hardware Vela Beanie for $30.And the equivalent, for my numerous male readers out there, I bring you the Blank Winter Cuff Knitted Beanie Visor for only $9.59 - a steal that comes in a wide multitude of colors! Next in nogginwear, a Crocheted Bear Hat for $35. Oh, if only I had a small child on whose head I could cram this adorableness. ...But, who are we kidding? I would totally wear this myself.And of course, it would be sinful to let your beloved pooch go outside without a coat AND without style. Stuff your favorite four-legged friend into this Siberian Dog Coat with Faux Fur-Lined Hood for $33.99.If you are a devoted iPod user, try these Etre Touchy fingerless gloves for $32.52. Just watch out for frostbite. Finally, I am in love with these Wool Opera Length Gloves for $57. They come in several colors, but the lime green will really shine in contrast to the stark white snow. And you will also be able to keep hope that green will once again return to the landscape. Someday...Wear layers. Lots of layers. Because "Baby It's Cold Outside."

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