Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fashion: Spring is coming...maybe?

I realize that I am blond and blue-eyed and my skin exhibits a sickly white pallor, thanks to a good chunk of my ancestors hailing from some ice-caked Nordic country, but I have to admit it: I just plain don't like cold. It's a novelty in November when the first snow of the season is the sweetest. But I'm over it now. Bring on spring.

I don't have any faith in Punxsutawney Phil. I am convinced that he will see his shadow on February 2 and herald six more weeks of the white stuff (no, not Weird Al's white stuff. Or that other white stuff, you perv.).

I hope Phil just stays burrowed in his hole and leaves well enough alone, giving me some hope that spring really is on the horizon.

In honor of spring, or lack thereof, I bring you Friday Fashion: the decorative outdoor accessories edition. I wanted this to be focused on landscaping, but trowels just aren't that pretty. So enjoy. And think warm thoughts.

Lets kick things off with something big and expensive. I can't image this chair would quite mesh on the front porch of my Cape Cod-style house, but gosh darn, isn't it incredible? It looks like something out of Beetle Juice. I love it. Made out of polyurethane, it is waterproof and fade-resistant. Moroso The Big Easy, $1,911.

These gorgeous window boxes would be the perfect place for some petunias. I love the bright red flowers in the picture - complementary colors make my heart flutter - someone's been studying their color wheel! Mobos Modular Storage Bins, $36.These gorgeous Glass Mosaic Solar T-Lights would look so lovely lining a sidewalk or glinting from a patio railing. You can even substitute actual tea light candles during the winter when the sun is scarce! $14.The glazing on these planters is so rustic and lovely. And I love the name of the color: "Swamp." Ooo, can you imagine some gerbera daisies gracing these pots? Bolo planters, $40-$155.Hummingbirds will brighten any outdoor landscape (just don't mistake them for bees and take a wild swipe at them through the air). I love that these feeders are made out of recycled glass and are colorful in and of themselves. (Each are hand blown and etched). Filigree Glass Hummingbird Feeders, $44.95.

My fingers are becoming frostbitten from typing in this cold room, so I am going to go home, put on another layer, crawl into bed, and hibernate until the first 60 degree day. Heck, I'd even take 50 degrees. Wake me when I no longer have to wear a coat.

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That person totally read my mind.