Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have had major issues resisting running to the kiosk downstairs from my office and grabbing some Twizzlers today...I don't know why...I never even used to like Twizzlers. Red, rubbery, vaguely fruit flavored. What's the appeal? No, really, I'm asking. Why am I craving them?

Maybe it is because it is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday, and weeks that begin on Tuesday traditionally never go quickly or smoothly.

Maybe it is because I'm wearing a new, extra-long sweater that my husband says makes me look like an old woman (okay, I will admit, he's right on that one...but I'm still wearing it...).

Maybe it is because it hasn't stopped drizzling since the weekend, and all the sidewalks are coated in a deceptively thin layer of icy drizzle, and I am bound to fall on my old-lady-sweater-covered pahtootie on the way to the car tonight.

Whatever. I still want Twizzlers.

Oh, and also? Have y'all ever heard of this, God Hates Shrimp? Because in spite of my cherublike and dutiful Methodist upbringing, the fact that God shakes his finger and tells his followers to avoid shellfish bothers me just a little. Actually a lot. I refuse to believe in a benevolent God that would call the seafood platter an "abomination." I hereby renounce my religion in the name of popcorn shrimp and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.


(I realize this post didn't make much of any sense. I've gone a bit manic and stir-crazy for no apparent reason. I think I'm ready for winter to be over.)


Kyle said...

Cheddar bay biscuits! NOM!

Matty said...

LOL! om nom nom nom nom