Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coming back up

So apparently I can't be bothered to post anything new unless it involves copious amounts of whining on my part. But here you go.

Like everyone else in the world right now, I've been sick. Sick, sick, sick. And Husband was sick, too. Both of us. Moaning and napping and pumping ginger ale directly into our veins this weekend and into Monday. And I still feel like a steaming pile of roadkill. But, as I am wont to do, I put off going to the doctor until today. If you will recall, this does not usually work in my favor (see: double ear infection). But, anyway, I went, and was diagnosed not with some nice weak bacteria that the local populace has been passing around like communal wine, but some kind of gastroesophageal-acid-reflux-somethingorother. All I gathered was that my stomach is trying to burn me up from the inside out. So they gave me some kind of Satan's piss that numbed me from stem to stern and sent me trotting back to work with a prescription for an antacid. What? I don't even get the delicious bubblegum Amoxicillin? I feel jipped.

Anyways. This post doesn't have much of a point aside from: WAAAAH.

But here's something I haven't showed you yet. My parents' house is on the market. Tell your friends...

...please, dear God, tell your friends. And your family. And your acquaintances. And those strangers you met on that street corner in the wee hours of the morning. They looked like they had a good credit score.This is the outside. There's grass. And trees. And outbuildings. It was built around 1900. Quality craftsmanship, I tells yas. If anyone could have destroyed this house, it was me during my awkward and uncoordinated childhood. The house is still standing in spite of my best efforts.
This is the living room and sitting room. Look! Hardwood floors! Original woodwork! Lovely big windows! Ignore the rugs, my mother chose them and then chose to leave them. You're welcome to burn them once the keys are yours!Look! A dining room! More original wood! Built-in china hutches. It's a woodstravaganza! A lovely enclosed porch! Look out the expansive windows, chew your sprig of hay, tip your hat, and say, "It's good to own land!"

MLS #9946463

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