Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giving me a reason to live

Glee is back, baby! Husband and I are extremely fortunate to be friends with a couple who are just as big of Gleeks as we are. And the best part about them? They have TELEVISION. I know, revolutionary. Even better? They invited us over to watch Season 2's premiere on their TELEVISION. In color and everything. We love them more than words.*

So the show itself? I have some mixed feelings, as I knew I would. They have to generate a lot of conflict and drama that will be able to play out for the rest of the season (wtf was the deal with Santana's boob job? I don't think she got one in real life [in spite of Maxim], so I don't get it...). They have to introduce new characters and endear them to the audience (I'm loving Coach Bieste, she touches a special soft place in my heart in spite of her gruff manner). And they have to make sure to still give us plenty of kick-ass music (however, no comment on "Billionaire"...but props to Artie for "that Bieber cut's got to go" line).

Overall, I'm still in love. Maybe the honeymoon is coming to an end, but I'm not ready to get out of bed, change out of my lace teddy, and shower off the bodily fluids. I've got a couple more rounds left in me. How about you?

*You must understand, Husband and I don't have cable or even an antennae to pick up the local free channels. We have Netflix, which keeps me happily sated, and we only really miss television on nights like the GLEE SEASON 2 PREMIERE. Does that make more sense now? Good.


blind irish pirate said...

Obviously you folks have the 'net, right?

I am nervous about the season, to be honest. I still laughed, but...

KittyMarie said...

I agree. I'm worried that the bloom is off the rose...but we can dream!