Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Fashion: Going to the birds

I'm almost positive that I've done a Friday Fashion on bird feeders before, but I just found one that inspired me, so you're going to get more today! This is also a reminder to keep your bird feeders filled as winter approaches and it becomes harder for the animals to find delicious nuts and seeds! I don't keep my bird feeder filled often enough (though I'm much better about filling my hummingbird feeder), because Husband thinks that the dropped seeds cause weeds (well, probably...), but my parents have always been avid bird feeders, and I think it is a wonderful hobby. My favorites are goldfinches. You?These are the feeders that I fell in love with. I love how they imitate nature while feeding birds and also acting as a landscaping ornament! You would definitely need a cluster of at least three for a nice effect...perhaps these will be on my Christmas list! Cattail Feeders from the National Wildlife Federation, $19.99 each. P.S. Check out the National Wildlife Federation's site anyway; they have some wonderful gift items that "inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future."I am digging this Red Hot Egg Bird Feeder, $135. It also comes in blues, greens, yellows, white, and even pink! (Actually, I love every single thing on this site, this was a hard choice!)Finally, a little fun never hurt anyone. Give your birds a scrumptious treat from this adorable Ceramic Cupcake Bird Feeder. Comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry (hilarious!).

Happy feeding!


blind irish pirate said...

I have been told that seeds are sterilized so that they don't grow weeds, otherwise you would have MILLIONS.

KittyMarie said...

Hmmm...try to tell Husband that!