Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Eye Candy x 2

First, because the weather has turned chilly and has left me with the distinct desire to curl up beneath a soft, warm blanket with a cup of cocoa, I bring you the Petite Cozy Ruffle Cardigan from Banana Republic for $98 in light gray heather and taupe heather ($69.99 for the gorgeous teal "Pacific color!).Isn't "cardigan" just the best word in the English language?

Additionally, because I just cannot resist, I bring you the Linen-silk Bustier Dress from J. Crew, $99.99 for select colors. While the neon peach and white options are lovely, this black plum color stopped me dead in my tracks. Oh, how I wish I had a wedding to which I could wear this dangabit dress!
What is it with me and purple dresses lately? Sheesh!

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